About Us - Complete Protection

A Better Philosophy on How to Treat Customers

I started Complete Appliance Protection, Inc.© in 1998 with a simple vision; to give homeowners the confidence they deserve that their largest investments are protected, and to reinforce their confidence at every interaction, being there when they need us the most. While the company has grown, we remain a committed, family-owned company that brings a level of service that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Jim Ingram
President, Complete Appliance Protection

The CP™ Difference

Flexible and Accountable to You, Always

CP™ offers month-to-month contract options – something you’ll rarely find from our competitors. Why? Quite simply, because it means we succeed or fail based on your satisfaction – you can cancel any time if our level of service is anything less than exceptional. These monthly plans also give you financial flexibility for unexpected changes in life.

No-Nonsense Coverage

Our terms and conditions are one page, front and back, in 12 pt. font (plus state specific addendums). It shouldn’t take a lawyer to decipher when you’re covered. We saved space by omitting the exclusions, excuses and “gotchas” other company’s use to try to get out of covering you:

  • All parts inside your appliances are covered (Others often cover only a few components)
  • There are no deductible on repairs
  • All pricing is published for your review
  • No exclusions for unknown pre-existing conditions, rust, or lack of maintenance

Call Us 24/7, Get a Live Person in 3-4 Rings

No automated phone menus here. We believe personal connection is at the heart of our customer commitment. Many customers have told us they’re pleasantly surprised to get a live person after hours when they only expected voicemail.

We Take Care of Our Team So They Can Take Care of You

We treat our team like family. We have 100% full-time employees, with excellent benefits. We don’t scale up for busy seasons with inexperienced temps like others do. You always get a dedicated, knowledgeable and – above all – passionate team member who is eager to serve you.

Choose Your Own Repair Service

We are always happy to recommend the best repair services to fulfill a warranty claim, but you have the flexibility to use any licensed service company. We want you to be able to choose someone you trust to take care of your home.

If you’re looking for a home warranty service that serves you confidence rather than confusion, get in touch!